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250ml Activator Hydrochloric Acid HCL 4% Individual Component

250ml Activator Hydrochloric Acid HCL 4% Individual Component

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DIOXSAN Hydrochloric Acid 4% HCL Individual Component 250ml

Hydrochloric Acid Activator for the production of chlorine dioxide for simple and safe drinking water disinfection. The set consists of hydrochloric acid HCL (4%) in amber glass bottle and a 3ml HDPE dropper. The aktivator is of the same quality and strength as in the original formulation.

This product is suitable to activate Sodium Chlorite. It has an unactivated shelf life of at least 2 years and is particularly suitable for emergencies and travel.


Chlorine dioxide is one of the most effective and safest biocides in the control of bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, algae, legionella and microbes. It has the ability to dissolve existing biofilms. The effect is based on the natural process of oxidation.

Chlorine dioxide decomposes into salt and water after the reaction and is therefore considered biodegradable.

The quality in the production of the basic materials is decisive for a pure and safe to use product.

For our DIOXSAN products we use only the best German and EU quality products.


Activator Hydrochloric acid HCL in aqueous solution 4%.


CAUTION Use biocidal products with care!

Always read the label and instructions for use before use!

Store out of reach of children!

For activation, mix sodium chlorite with activator hydrochloric acid in the same ratio:
Measure the components with a pipette or a measuring cup (no metal) and pour the desired amount in equal parts into a clean vessel (e.g. small glass). Wait approx. 45 seconds until the components have reacted. An amber liquid is formed - the vapors must not be inhaled! Mix the solution with the water to be treated and wait approx. 30 minutes before using the disinfected water.

Never use the mixture undiluted!

Do not use metallic vessels!

Do not inhale vapors and provide sufficient ventilation!


The formation of a sediment with the sodium chlorite NaClO2 in a glass bottle is normal and does not represent a reduction in quality. The resulting white flakes are silicon crystals, which are left in the bottle as sediment.

After opening, store the bottles in a cool place, protected from light and in an upright position.


Disinfection of drinking water:

To disinfect 1 liter of water, use 1-2 activated drops of DIOXSAN Chlorine Dioxide Kit, depending on the degree of contamination of the water. The water should be as free as possible from suspended matter and be at ambient temperature. Shock disinfection of containers and drinking water systems: For shock disinfection, use approx. 2 - 10 activated drops of DIOXSAN Chlorine Dioxide Kit per 1 liter of water with an exposure time of 1 - 3 h.