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CDSpray value set: CDS 250ml + Mironglas spray bottle

CDSpray value set: CDS 250ml + Mironglas spray bottle

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CDspray set to take CDS with you on the go. Thepopular DIOXSAN Chlorine Dioxide ready-to-use solution (250ml) togetherwith the robust 50ml Mironglass bottle and a high-quality spray cap forrefilling.

The mironglass ensures the best possible UV protection, so you always have your CDS well protected with you.

Scope of delivery: 250ml CDS Chlorine Dioxide ready-to-use solution +HDPE pipette, 50ml Mironglass bottle (empty), 2 pcs. spray cap black.

DIOXSAN Chlorine Dioxide Solution CDS 0.3% 250ml

CDS 0.3% original Chlorine Dioxide Solution is ready to use. Freshly produced in Germany according to the classic recipe. For direct application without prior activation. Filled in a high-quality amber glass bottle for protection against UV light, including HDPE pipette.

Safety Data Sheet CDS

Pure chlorine dioxide gas of highest quality bound in distilled water with a 0.3% concentration. We refrain from unnecessary substances and preservatives. The product is ready for use and easy to apply.

Chlorine dioxide is one of the most effective and on of the safest biocides in the fight against bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, algae, legionella and microbes. It has the ability to dissolve existing biofilms. The effect is based on the natural process of oxidation.

Chlorine dioxide decomposes into salt and water after the reaction and is therefore considered biodegradable.

The disinfection of drinking water with chlorine dioxide is a recognized and approved process according to the German Drinking Water Ordinance §11.

Composition: aqueous solution of chlorine dioxide <0.3%.

ATTENTION Use biocide products carefully!

Always read label and instructions before use!

Store out of reach of children!